Replica Medals are often worn in place of someones original medals to avoid them from being damaged, lost, or stolen.  Replicas can be ordered in both Full Size or Miniatures, and are easier to wear as they are usually lighter in weight and can be easily replaced if lost. Replica medals are usually made as a “Cast” or “Die Struck” process. Cast replicas are usually of a lower quality and where ever possible we avoid their use.  Die Struck offer the better quality and is always our preferred option when available. We hold a stock of common medals however we can access Australian, State, Commonwealth, UN, NATO medals plus some foreign awards.  USA awards are usually best ordered directly from a supplier stateside who will assemble and send them directly to you.  If you are after a set of replica medals, then call in and have a chat with us and we will be able to assist you in obtaining the medals your require from state awards to conflicts both past and current.