Court Mounting medals is created by wrapping the medal ribbon around lignin-free board and then sewing each medal to the board to ensure they are firmly secured to avoid damage. Current dress manuals state that this method is to be used and it is the preferred method by Ex-Service Organisations.


As the name suggests, swing mounting medals is where the medals are suspended by the ribbon and are able to swing freely. This method of mounting is an older style and is known to damage most medals, as they are constantly striking and rubbing against each other when worn.


Ribbon bars are mostly worn on general duty dress for most services to represent the medals you have been awarded.  For State awards, these ribbon bars and citations can be fitted to a name tag for ease of wearing.  Non-military agencies also allow the ribbons to be plastic coated.


Medal bars or clasps are in most cases issued after a medal has been awarded.  Rosettes and other embellishments represent those bars and awards issued. These are positioned on ribbon bars. In most cases, these items can be fitted to a set of medals or a ribbon bar without having to rebuild them.